Katie Brown, founder of Brown Design, is a freelance graphic designer with 20+ years of experience designing for print and web. Katie works with clients where she is located in northern Indiana, as well as clients from coast-to-coast. 

As a designer, Katie enjoys working with a variety of industries, building lasting relationships with her clients, and continuing to learn about, and help promote, her clients' products and services. Katie specializes in helping small businesses develop a brand and carry it through to all of their marketing and communication needs. Katie also works with mid-to-large size businesses to provide them with the marketing communications they need to continue to reach their customers and advance their business.

A magna cum laude graduate of Anderson University's Department of Art and Design, Katie is also involved in various community organizations.

"Katie and Brown Design are absolutely vital to my business. Katie designed my logo and website which was a wonderful fit for my business and target market. For several years, she has helped ensure that everything coming from my business has a streamlined, consistent, and professional look. As an independent small business owner, I'm so grateful to have Katie as part of my support team and I can't recommend her highly enough."

- Carla, owner of Carla Miller Coaching